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Trip to Minsk, Belarus

I visited Minsk for business trip just for 2 days. In short, yes, Minsk very very clean and feeling like your came back to USSR. Aeroport was near empty. Not like in Moscow – thousands of people.IMG_20150903_160250-new


Central prospect of Independence (праспект Незалежнасцi) is 16 km long . On photo below monument of Victory (Манумент Перамогi) .IMG_20150903_173359-new

Oktyabrskaya sqare below has Palace of profsouz’s culture (Палац культуры прафсаюзаў) (displayed on 500 ruble banknote).IMG_20150903_175223-new

Below National art museum (on 1000 ruble banknote)


And banknotes



Few more photos of Minsk

IMG_20150903_205441-newIMG_20150903_180100-newIMG_20150903_181402-new IMG_20150903_182630-newIMG_20150903_174205-new  IMG_20150903_181409-new  IMG_20150903_175804-new

Separately i want to outline  “Belarus High Technologies Park”. It’s zone with special economical rules aimed to develop and attract IT technologies and companies to Belarus.IMG_20150904_083220-new IMG_20150904_083216-new


I’ve visited new building of one famous IT company. Looks awesome.IMG_20150904_164901-new IMG_20150904_164930-new IMG_20150904_164747-new IMG_20150904_164858-new IMG_20150904_164800-new

It was nice trip. Want to come back here either for work and vacation!

P.S.: I was not aware that historically Belarus had white-red-white(not Soviet red-green) flag and “Pahonia” coat pretty close to Lithuania one.