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Put a specific validation.pem into chef-server
I want to put specific validation.pem into fresh chef-server installation. This will be useful if you have some predefined nodes, or kickstart files with specific validation.pem inside and want to boot fresh chef-server installation.

1. Generate public key from my-validation.pem

# openssl rsa -in my-validation.pem -pubout >

2. Goes to

Click on chef-validator, then double click on public_key value. And paste contents of Do not forget to push “Save Document” in the top left corner.

3. Replace /etc/chef/validation.pem with your my-validation.pem

mv /etc/chef/validation.pem /etc/chef/validation-old.pem
mv my-validation.pem /etc/chef/validation.pem

Now you be able to register new nodes with your validation.pem