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Deploy Openstack by FUEL on libvirt: pre-install network configuration
Mirantis has released FUEL 3.2 deployment automation tool for OpenStack. It has a lot of documentation and QuickStart scripts for VirtualBox, but if you prefer libvirt or may be pure KVM, you probably plunge into networking issues or need to read and understand fuel networking. I’ll try to explain quick way  how to prepare networking on linux box for FUEL 3.2.

Fuel 3.2 uses 5 networks by default:

  • FUEL- pxe and puppet –
  • PUBLIC – public APIs and floating range – (VLAN 100) – internet access
  • MANAGEMENT – internal OpenStack communications – (VLAN 101)
  • STORAGE – iscsi, swift – (VLAN 102)
  • FIXED – for openstack projects – (VLAN 103 or VLAN range)
You could cultivate all networks in single linux bridge. But it need some magic like routing, NAT and DNS.

1) create bridge
brctl addbr br0
ip link set up dev br0

  2) add address and DNS forwarding server. is used by default as dns server.<br /> ip addr add dev br0<br /> dnsmasq -a

  3) add VLAN interface, add gateway and configure NAT for PUBLIC network<br /> ip link add link br0 name br0.100 type vlan id 100<br /> ip link set up br0.100<br /> ip addr add dev br0.100<br /> iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -s ! -d -j MASQUERADE

  4) You should create VMs w/ <b>single</b> interface attached to br0.</div> 

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    After that install Fuel master node from iso. And follow steps in <a href="" target="_blank">documentation</a>.